Total Flow Path Design


Kiser Hydro offers total flow path turbine analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) through Swiderski Engineering Inc. Coupled with our field capabilities, this allows us to design and install hydraulically improved turbine components such as turbine runners, wicket gates, and guide vanes. In addition, we can provide designs for modification of existing turbine components to decrease or completely eliminate cavitation problems. In the design phase of projects, we will gather the necessary information from site visits, drawings, and generating station records. We then design for the best improvements in output and efficiency, keeping cavitation minimal to non-existent. Often times, especially in older installations, the turbine runners were chosen from a chart, in an attempt to match the site to a pre-designed turbine runner. Because the designs we provide are specific to each generating station, increases in output of 20% or more are not uncommon. With only a marginal increase in cost, and a great potential for gains in performance, we encourage any potential customers who are considering replacement of hydro turbine parts to contact Kiser Hydro.

Through Total Flow Path Design, Kiser Hydro can:

  • Provide Total Flow Path Models using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Design Hydraulically Improved Turbine Runners for increased performance (efficiency and output), and less maintenance through minimization or elimination of cavitation
  • Design Complete Hydro Turbines
  • Design Hydraulically Improved Wicket Gates
  • Design Hydraulically Improved Guide Vanes
  • Design Draft Tube and Intake Modifications for improved performance
  • Design repairs (both in place and removed) for units with runner cavitation or cracking issues