Field Services


At Kiser, we’ve been building our field service teams around the needs as a Hydropower Servicing, Repair and Supply company. 


Turn-Key Advantage

At Kiser, we are unique in that in addition to designing turbines, we are also experienced and efficient at installation, maintenance and repair. This allows us to sell our customers turn-key projects. 



Our company was founded on field service first with engineering support being built as the company grew. Our field service teams are fully outfitted to tackle any maintenance, repair, removal or turbine installation. Most of our field service managers have over 30 years managing turbine work for Kiser in the field. We employ millwrights, operators and laborers as necessary to complete your project, with most of our crew travelling with us across the country. 


The Big Picture

Our field service crews are all capable of diagnosis, inspection, maintenance, in-place repairs, turbine removal and turbine installation. We are also very experienced at dewatering and stopping the water in emergency situations.