Increased Annual Energy Production

Let's Meet

Kiser can meet with you, and with some basic information and a brief site inspection can provide the estimated Annual Energy Production increase possible with a new turbine or new turbine runner. Of course, replacing your runner is also the most opportune time to rehabilitate the unit and make changes to reduce maintenance costs. Kiser can integrate turbine rehabilitation, generator rewind and controls modifications or upgrades into your project.


At Kiser, we use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analyze your turbine and flow path. We will crawl inside the turbine and verify all existing features in the flow path and make sure they match any existing drawings. If not, we will generate new ones. We will then look at your plant and your flow duration curve. We can then determine which unit (if you have different units at your plant) is the best one to upgrade to take advantage of the water and what type of upgrade makes the most sense. Often, we will make the new unit operate more efficiently with a different amount of water available. Or, if you have excess water spilling, we can design and supply you with a turbine that flat out makes Kilowatts! We have seen up to 28% increase in power output with 10-20% not uncommon.

We are Continually Improving

In addition to this we have successfully upgraded vertical Francis and Kaplan units as well including several complete, new cylinder gate units. We have also developed a unique and cost effective upgrade for manually adjustable Kaplan runners to full double regulated operation. Please call to inquire about this.

Kiser Is Here To Help You!

Once you decide to replace your turbine and/or runner we can help with the scope. Our field service teams are more than capable of handling disassembly and installation. Our engineering staff is headquartered in Norway, Michigan to support our customers and our field service teams. Finally, if you really want a worry free project, Kiser can manage the entire outage and all electrical and mechanical work. We’ll supply you with all the information and reports that you need and hand you the keys when we’re done.